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Structural Graphics

Structural Graphics is a high-impact print marketing firm that specializes in dimensional print and packaging solutions. Before I decided to pursue my own independent consultancy firm, I was a full-time Marketing Programs Manager for Structural Graphics. What drew me to Structural Graphics was their amazing and unique creative work. Now, as a client, their work continues to amaze and inspire me. Some of the services I provide for them include:

  • Lead Generation Email Marketing development and deployment

  • Weekly eNewsletter development and deployment

  • Creating Product Videos

  • Website maintenance which includes adding new featured content to the website including copy, imagery and videos

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Susie and I began working together when she was a key member of our marketing staff at Structural Graphics. Today, as one of our go-to contractors, Susie is an important extension of our marketing team. Talented, dependable and always an absolute pleasure to work with, Susie provides us with video segments, email layouts and coding, website updates and critical ongoing initiatives such as our weekly newsletter. With experience, market knowledge and a whatever-it-takes approach to getting the job done, Susie is a valuable asset to have in our corner.

Michael Dambra, VP of Creative, Structural Graphics

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